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About the company

Compass Labs is on a mission to drive the adoption and understanding of the financial systems of the future, by solving DeFi's biggest accessibility issues. Complexities in decentralised systems create unique challenges for investors and developers unseen in traditional finance and software, which restricts today’s DeFi ecosystem to a tech savvy crowd.

Our team is building the go-to user platform for DeFi — an integrated suit of products to deliver the essential infrastructure and interfaces needed to make DeFi accessible, secure and reliable for TradFi and and developers alike. Think of us as the TensorFlow of crypto.

We are a London-based technology startup with experts from Google, Oxford University, Faculty AI, the Alan Turing Institute, and Stanford.

Compass Labs is backed with funding from top-tier US VCs, Entrepreneur First, and notable angels. We are already integrated with Uniswap and Aave, with Perpetual Protocol and others soon to come.

We are in beta testing and we are growing our team. We are looking for a founding engineer who wants to work across the stack and build disruptive and powerful technology in DeFi.

<aside> 💡 This is the most exciting time to join our company, as we’ve just secured and amazing deal with a16z crypto CSX.🚀


About the role

This is a full-stack generalist role. You’ll be a jack of many trades, working across the whole stack:

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